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Briefing for Public Meeting of Ayr Development Trust 05/03/2020

Briefing Paper

Ayr Development Trust:

We aim to establish ourselves as a Community Development Trust (CDT) in order to be able to purchase or compulsorily purchase properties in Ayr town centre, which could include shops with flats or offices above them to enable redevelopment and sustainable improvement in the area. We also hope to asset transfer land or property from South Ayrshire Council (SAC). We would want to conserve and redevelop historic buildings for purposes to benefit members of the community particularly disadvantaged or vulnerable target groups but also provide facilities for the community generally. We would require to secure income streams towards the ongoing running costs of the projects developed as well as initial grants and investments.

Why this approach?

Development Trusts are a particular type of partnership organisation that offer benefits to the local community, are public bodies and are non-profit making. They can regenerate an area, aim for long term sustainability and are community based and accountable.

New legislation on community empowerment facilitates Compulsory Purchase Orders by Community Trusts. Redevelopment grants might be treated favourably by the Scottish Government as they are keen to promote this legislation.

For the first time a community body can apply to the government in certain circumstances for financial assistance to compulsorily purchase private property.

We consider the use of CPO’s are necessary to achieve our aim for the following reasons:

· The area we are looking at has a multiplicity of owners who are absent, investment led (such as per pension funds) or are simply missing.

· The legislation allows that CPO’s can be used for abandoned, neglected or detrimental land and buildings.

· There is an emphasis on being part of any redevelopment plan that the council approves.

Ayr Development Trust fits with the criterion set and could also provide opportunities for assisted funding as outlined.

What is currently happening:

As a consequence of our approach, the following actions are an example of the work being undertaken:

· An Ayr Development Trust Constitution draft has been submitted for approval by The Scottish Land Fund and is currently with the Community Right to Buy legal team. We are in negotiation with the Asset Transfer people to ensure that our Constitution is compatible with their legislation. It then has to go to OSCR for approval as a charity and then we would then go on to become incorporated as a Company Ltd by Guarantee/Trust.

· An application Form to the Scottish Land Fund grant for a Feasibility Study is being prepared for a development in the target area (see following plan) for an agreed required facility to cater for the needs of a vulnerable group, for example, a senior citizens social centre or for general benefit as per a local history or folk museum.

· A target area and community in the town centre that complies with the legal requirements of the new legislation has been identified for survey.

· Community needs or requirements that could be sited in the chosen area are being looked at and assessed, the Council should be of assistance here.

· Links and partnerships developing with other community groups to ensure understanding and engagement.

· Formal liaison with SAC.

· Preparation of a detailed action plans.

· Communication strategy.

Ayr Development Trust “Community”:

Academy St.

Ailsa Pl.

Alloway St.

Arran Terr.

Barns St.

Bath Pl.

Blackfriar’s Ct.

Blackfriar’s Walk

Boat Vennal

Bruce Cres.

Buchan Ct.

Burns Statue Sq.

Carrick St.

Cassilis St.

Cathcart St.

Charlotte St.

Churchill Tower

Citadel Pl.

Cromwell Rd.

Dalblair Ct.

Dalblair Rd.

Donnini Ct.

Eglington Pl.

Eglington Terr.

Fort Ct.

Fort St.

Fullarton St.

Glenford Pl.

High St.

Hope St.

Inkerman Ct.


Kyle St.

Marlborough Ct.

Mews House Fort St.

Mews Ln.

Mill St.

Mill Wynd

Montgomery Terr.

New Bridge St.

Newmarket St.

Old Bridge St.

Queens Ct.

Queens Terr.

Rowallan Ct.


Seabank Rd.

Smith St.

South Harbour St.

Trenchard Ct.

Wellington Sq.

Wexford Way

Yeomanry Pl.

Half of the community of the area KA7 1 need to support any project.

Members must live in the area but just as many can be associate members from outside.

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