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June Update

There are very few photographs of Ayr Station Hotel on record but I have been approached as chair of Ayr Station Hotel Community Action Group by the son of a former owner from the 50's. Here are some of his photographs:

As it was in the 50's when his father acquired it.

The Cocktail Bar.

Dining Room showing the newly installed American Grill.

The 1st Floor lounge.

Looking down the 1st floor landing from the Cocktail Bar towards the Dining Room.

They show how Andrew Melvin remembers it as a boy. He is quite happy that these are published and his name is revealed. He is writing his memoirs now.

At the moment I understand from a letter from the Scottish Government that the Minister would be discussing the Station Hotel with South Ayrshire Council shortly. It also said that there is a feasibility study being carried out on the Station Hotel (to add to the information got from the Structural Engineer's survey) but the brief did not include Conservation and Environmental issues. We have lobbied to have these issues included. We would also like a long term view of the costings, which we think are about the same for restoration and redevelopment as for a short term fix.

It appears that NetworkRail want to build a new station along from the existing one but no bigger as it does not plan longer trains. This would leave Ayr with a decaying relic which we would have to deal with. NR would be ok, they're happy with stations of glass and steel which only last around 25 years.

We want the Hotel restored and any money coming from the Government to go on a restored building with various functions with the process involving The Scottish Historic Buildings Trust. NR would be expected to upgrade the access facilities. They have not spent the £2M they should have spent on a bridge with a lift on either side. What we want is an attractive entrance to Ayr and an attractive building at the top of the town.

The modern way is to knock down old and build 'replacements' that only last a brief time, like we see with the Primary Schools all around.

The pictures are a reminder of what we've lost but could still find.


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Clare Keating
Clare Keating

I stayed in this grand old hotel before it closed and searched for it to see what has happened with it, I've stayed in many hotels around the UK for work but this one stayed with me, I always thought is was a beautiful hotel which needed investment to bring it back to it's forma glory, how sad to see what is happening, good luck with championing on it's behalf.

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