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March News

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

We are still talking about making all the necessary arrangements for Ayr Development Trust (ADT) to take on applying for ownership of the Station Hotel perhaps instead of the Fish Cross/Affleck land area behind the Town Hall. ADT has been going a couple of years and hopes to use historic neglected or abandoned buildings in the town centre and restore them to purposes to benefit the community. ADT has a letter of accreditation from the Scottish Government but the funding required is huge but not as big as demolition and new build. While the Scottish Government is very supportive of community empowerment we don't know how much money is available. The members of ADT who met last night and others we have discussed this with going round KA7 1 (which is the community area of the Community Development Trust) are very keen to keep the Station Hotel and not have it demolished.

ADT is not seeking to take on Ayr Station Hotel except as a last resort if SAVEBritain's Heritage and South Ayrshire Council do not come to an agreement and there is not a subsequent Trust set up for the specific purpose of developing the building.

We will continue to prepare for the Fish Cross development on the basis that we will not have to address the Station Hotel issue.


The SAVE report can be found HERE

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