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May News

In April Ayr Development Trust (ADT) tried to hold its AGM. The attached presentation (download below) was prepared for that. The discussion was mainly about the Station Hotel, we wanted members to know that ADT had the legal capacity to do a Community Right to Buy (CRTB) purchase and that we had documents to prove this. SAVEBritains Heritage continue to negotiate to inspect the Hotel. If the Hotel is redeemable which they expect, then arrangements will be made to proceed to do further work. At some point normally a local trust would take over as happened with Dumfries House, Seafield House and many others. ADT would only be involved if no other locally based Trust came forward.

ADT has gone back to working on the CRTB application for the Fish Cross, to identify owners, increase community membership and to have a petition of 200 residents and to present the application. We are also working on identifying unmet social, community social care and recreational needs so that we have a dossier on this. There's a lot to do. The ADT website is available HERE


Download PPTX • 37.45MB

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