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May Update.

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Still no word on the structural engineers report which has been delayed several times. It now seems to be in two parts, an external and internal report. Both are equally elusive. We did hear back from Historic Environment Scotland to the effect that the closed cladding outside the scaffolding still allowed adequate ventilation to the interior in the short term. We will keep an eye on the time scale.

We are being urged to seek Freedom of Information data between the South Ayrshire Council (SAC) and NetworkRail from 2011 to date. We got this previously from 2012 to 2018 from South Ayrshire Council. Much of it was redacted and it gave little away. It has been suggested that we ask NetworkRail this time. We have had very little information of any kind from SAC or any other official body from the beginning of this campaign up to now. We hope to have word soon about the report.

In our endeavor to improve knowledge about community empowerment so that the communities can look to conserve and develop small neglected historic buildings, we are having a meeting next week on Wednesday 19th June at 7pm in Ayr Town Hall as a follow up to the town centre conference that we had in April. David Henderson from COSS (Community Ownership Support Service) will be there to answer questions. Any community wishing to set up a local team/action group can make a start. We hope facilitate this and then bow out of that process.

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