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November News

We are still waiting to find out what is going to happen to Ayr Station Hotel and its station. The sensible outcome would be following SAVE's advice and raise the estimated £12.4m needed to restore the hotel and persuade NetworkRail to repair their abandoned station buildings.

NetworkRail has strongly resisted maintaining its station so we have to put pressure on them. Perhaps our heritage pressure groups along with environmentalists interested in the carbon capture issue and those looking for the best value for money might all together make them think.

We are linking you to a recent video on Youtube which shows you the neglect of an amazing building, the likes of which in other cities are highly esteemed. Watch the video HERE.

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2 comentarios

Bonnieè C Mac Bbairdđ
Bonnieè C Mac Bbairdđ
29 oct 2022

There is a more recent video from few days ago of inside hotel!, it's sad see it rot and vandals been in there aswell please save station hotel 😢❤️

Me gusta

28 oct 2022

Hopefully now that Scotrail is in government hands they will be forced to carry out the repairs needed in their part of the building instead of obstructing the owner of the rest of the hotel from carrying out maintenance and refurbishing work urgently required.

Me gusta
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