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September Update

Many parts of Ayr Station Hotel retain the grandeur and elegance of a Grand Hotel. Built to the highest standards in terms of skilled craftsmanship and materials, this building could add value in many alternative ways to the town of Ayr. It could give Ayr an edge and advantage which new cheapskate modern buildings could never do.

Interior was photographed in 2018 by Urbex, who are happy for us to use.

One view of a Victorian lift and a possible part of the iconic marble staircase. 2018.

Reception area. 2018.

Dining/function room. 2018.

Twin bedroom, All bedrooms were en suite. 2018.

Lounge Bar area. 2018.


New developments include NetworkRail building a staff module with a car park near it behind the Station on the Holmston House side (by platform 4). Once the staff and other portacabins have moved from platform 1 at the front of the station then work can start on the part of the buildings owned by NerworkRail. They own the ground floor of platform 1 which was abandoned. They will now refurbish this area of the red sandstone building to make a ticket office, toilets and a waiting room.

The access facilities at Ayr Station have not been upgraded, which would have involved two lifts and a bridge across the rails being constructed at a cost of £2M. This was probably because they thought the station would be knocked down, However, as they are refurbishing staff and passenger facilities at the moment we have reminded them about this.

Change to Taskforce

Once NetworkRail started on its improvements to its provision it relinquished the chairmanship of the taskforce which the government had set up. Now South Ayrshire Council chairs it and it has changed name to the strategic governance group. They seem to have a holistic approach and to have a widely qualified and appropriate grasp of the task, looking at heritage and other issues. Environment hasn't been specifically mentioned as part of the remit. (The feasibility study was set up prior to their involvement and is due to report in the Autumn.) The strategic governance group has commissioned a survey of public opinion to find out what people would like the Ayr Station Hotel to become.

If anyone you know has no access to the internet s/he can go to Tsukure next to Marks & Spencer on Ayr High Street who have an access point.

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