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Update on Public Meeting 25 November



Public Meeting: 7:30pm on Monday 25 November, 2019 in Ayr Town Hall. Doors open 7:00pm.

Come along to make your voice heard. Una Richards of the Scottish Historic Buildings Trust will talk about the historic value of the hotel and what it could become for the town. We have Colin Smyth, Labour Transport Spokesperson, Jamie Greene, Conservative Shadow Transport Minister and Allan Dorans of the SNP who will outline their ideas. We invited NetworkRail to send a speaker but they were unable to do this. We invited the Green Party and while they are not sending a speaker they will be in the audience to ask questions. There will be a Panel made up of the speakers to take questions.

It is a decision of the Scottish Parliament to save the hotel or build a new glass and steel station at £20m. Demolition would be £4m plus with more costs, disruption and loss to our urban environment. They could spend the money on conservation and re-development of the hotel to provide amenities for the town. This could last a hundred years, whereas the new one would last twenty five years. The prospects for the development of tourism are better with a grand Victorian building, it would be the cheaper option in the long run.


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