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Ayr Development Trust Public Meeting.

The meeting was attended by over 20 people including several who lived in the 'community' area. The Chair (John Geates) introduced himself and the other committee members. We discussed the briefing document which appears here. We discussed the progress in the administration attached to forming the trust and the approaches made to various community groups and professional interest groups for support.

We talked about the background information required for dealing with the historic buildings and the research needed also to determine what community resources could be accommodated within them, such that would satisfy the needs of vulnerable/ disadvantaged people or of the community as a whole.

We mentioned that there was a free half-day course run by the Scottish Land Fund team in April which covered parts 3 and 5 of the community empowerment legislation. The last is of great interest as it allows money for sustainable development to be granted for the first time.

We also mentioned the possibility of a visit by our members and other interested parties being organised via Community Ownership Support Services (COSS). This would be to an existing successful development trust and could possibly be to Callendar.

As there were two possibilities being already discussed for Ayr Development Trust (ADT) to begin with a smallish project, either a senior citizens' centre or a local people's history museum, there has been contact with Age Concern and inquiries made of the Social Care Partnership etc. to find out what the unmet needs were in the area.

There were some suggestions from those present about other possible projects. These included an outdoor swimming pool/ lido or a youth centre with free and unrestricted internet access.

All those present signed up as members if they lived in KA7 1 or associate members if from outside the 'community' area. They were all enthusiastic about having the Trust.

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